Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A month in Tuscany day 23 - A quick lunch in Chianti

3 of our crew went to Florence for the day, they were heading off early and I had not had a good night due to threatening cold so decided not to go.  Connie Dave and I drove in the Chianti countryside as Connie had not been there yet, and there was a restaurant that Dave wanted to take me to. The countryside everywhere is beautiful, but especially spectacular in Chianti Classico region.

We drove through the countryside admiring the views.  At one point we were able to see Sangimiano in the distance. The towers are very distinctive and set it apart from all the other hill towns.

We wended through the countryside until we came to the restaurant that they had lunch in the day before and indeed it was in a beautiful location with an expansive view over the valley.

The food was not bad either! I ordered scallopini with mixed funghi (mushrooms)

Wonderful very intense mushroom flavour.  Dave ordered pasta with the funghi sauce.

Also a very intense mushroom flavour.  Connie who was feeling a little under the weather ordered ravioli with sage and butter.

This was OK, but not the best ravioli of the trip. After our quick lunch we had to drive to the station to pick up the next arrivals.

We spent the afternoon on the deck in the sun enjoying the peace and quiet and sunshine. Connie made a vegetarian lasagna which we served with green beans and salad.

I am afraid this is a very bad picture of a half eaten lasagna and it does it no justice at all as it was very good.


  1. Salivating with all those lovely photos and having to endure my own dicey cooking after
    a week away in Colorado. The hiking and the weather was as good as your Tuscan food!!

  2. How beautiful picture you have shared here dear. Well I never seen such dish before like scallopini with mixed funghi (mushrooms). I just love mushrooms, so I want to try it once. Hey I had lasagne at famous Boston restaurants and it was so yummy too.