Thursday, October 2, 2014

A month in Tuscany day 24 - Girls shopping day in Siena

Dave took Dennis off for a gruelling bike ride in Chianti country and Debbie joined me and Connie and Nancy for a day out in Siena.  We walked in to the city and it was not long before Debbie had bought a pair of shoes.  Much to Connie's frustration we wandered in and out of shops for the remainder of the morning, stopping briefly every once in a while to admire our beautiful surroundings. We decided to have lunch at the small restaurant just around the corner from the Campo.  I was determined to make it past the pasta course this time, so we ordered two pasta dishes to share.  Ravioli with funghi sauce.

This was, as always, delicious.  Along with this we ordered pappardelli with wild boar sauce, also delicious.

For the second course we shared roast pork, roast duck with potatoes cooked in tomato sauce and zucchini.

This was amazing, Debbie declared it the best duck she had ever had, and the pork was moist and flavourful as well.  After lunch a little more shopping, Connie finally gave up on us and headed to the bus home.  After a very successful shopping day it was home to where the men were making hamburgers.

Nancy was worried that Gord's clothes were going to get all Smokey from the wood fired barbecue.  But the next time we looked down we realized that this was not going to be a problem.

Our fearless grillers produced a pile of hamburgers and Tuscan sausage.

They had even bought French's mustard and Heinz ketchup to go on the burgers.  I think this was the first non Italian meal since we had been here.  Debbie made her roasted potato salad, which was delicious and almost healthy.

Another wonderful day full of great food, beautiful surroundings and good friends.

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