Thursday, September 25, 2014

Month in Tuscany Gato update

Our poor failing cat spent all night in the living room and her paw was getting larger, so we decided that we had to try to find the vet again and deal with her one way or another.  She is such a sweet little thing and purrs every time you touch her though she was no longer eating.  However she managed to get off the chair and limped outside we thought to do her business, but she disappeared.  We assumed that as cats do, she had gone off to hide and die.  So sadly we went about the day and mourned her loss.

That evening however, when I went down to get a cardigan there she was on our bed.  We gave her some cream and she stayed in our room over night crawling in to the closet at 5:00 am.  When we got up we did extensive research found the vet and went to get her. Lo and behold she had disappeared again! Obviously she understands English and did not want to go the the vet.  A few minutes later Jakopo's mother appeared with the cat, it had gone to her house.  She is also a cat lover and said that her two cats would not put up with this intruder, but she knew of a cat shelter where they had a vet and she would take her there.  At least we think that is what she said as she spoke very little English and I only speak menu Italian.

We miss the gato, but I believe she is being well looked after, having used up several of her nine lives.

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