Monday, September 22, 2014

A month in Tuscany day 16 - The british invasion

I am writing this a day late as the last 24 hours has been a whirlwind. The day started calmly enough, Connie and Dov arrived late the night before managing to get a train when there was supposed to be a 24 hour strike! So along with Carl and Lois we walked in to Tuscany for lunch.  We went to the same restaurant that we had been to, several times before.  I took a picture of the name on the place mat as I thought they ought to have credit.

Dov ordered gnocchi with arugala sauce, he was very happy with this choice and indeed it was very tasty.

I ordered the cut pork, which I now know is grilled pork sliced and served over apple and radicchio salad drizzled with balsamic creme and topped with shaves of cheese.

This was so good, but unlike most meals in Italy far too big a portion, I was not able to finish it, there was just so much meat.  Carl had a Pizza, Lois had the chicken that I had the previous time and Connie had the pici with wild boar.  All in all a very good meal.  We walked around a little to orient the newcomers to Siena.  Connie told me that I had not posted any pictures of the sights of Siena just food and views so this one is for you Connie, a picture of the unfinished wing of the Duomo.

I left the others and walked down to the station to meet up with Dave and pick up Nancy, Gord and Al who were arriving by bus from Rome.  This we did, then drove back to the Villa where Jackie, Candy and Howard were just driving in to the driveway.  The villa exploded with noise and after several prosseco's and gin and tonics we managed to hold it together enough to make dinner.

Dave and Carl had picked up some Nile perch a large fish that is an invasive species in the Nile.  It may be invasive, but it is very tasty.

To go with this Nancy roasted up some potatoes with lemon olive oil and rosemary.

Jackie cooked up some green beans with cream, onion and tomatoes.

I roasted some tomatoes and bread with olive oil as well.

There was also a green salad.  It was a very good meal and very loud, much wine was consumed and a good time had by all.

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