Sunday, September 28, 2014

A month in Tuscany Day 22 - A quiet day at the villa

Dave, Gord, Nancy and Al were going to rent scooters and buzz around the Chianti region.  Originally I planned to go, but remembered that I lost my drivers licence just before coming away.  So I stayed back at the Villa with Connie who was not feeling confident enough to ride them. Connie and I decided to walk the other way along the road and see what we could find.  The scenery was stunning and we walked and talked and constantly clicked away with our cameras.

Every directions the views were beautiful.

At the end of the road it turned from rural to more urban going in to a residential area adjoining the University.  So we though we would look for a coffee shop.  What we found was a small market.

Of course we had to check it out, Connie found the perfect black cardigan for 10.00 euros and I found porccetta

This was really the last thing to tick off the list of things to eat in Tuscany.  Cold stuffed whole roasted pig, sliced to order and eaten in a bun with a little crackling on top.

It was as good as I imagined and we walked a little further in search of a coffee.  We stumbled upon this strange little missen hut at the edge of a soccer field which had Bar emblazoned on the front.

So we wandered in and after some confusion ordered a cappuccino, but unfortunately they had no milk, as no self respecting Italian would drink anything other than espresso after breakfast.  So an espresso it would be.

After our sustenance, we walked back to the villa for a swim and read (and perhaps a snooze).

I put a roast pork on a bed of carrots, onions, apple, garlic and rosemary and roasted long and slow for dinner.

I mashed up the vegetables and cooked down with some wine to pour over it, delicious but blurry in this picture.

We had this with roasted potatoes and kale cooked with a little garlic and vinegar.

The scooter riders had bought some good red wine from their travels, a good end to a peaceful day.

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