Friday, September 19, 2014

A month Tuscany day 13 - We adopt a villa cat

I woke this morning with the sound of purring in my ear, we seem to have adopted a large skinny grey tabby cat.  The owner does not recognize it, and fears it has been abandoned. It does have a flea collar, seems very domesticated and loves to be held and sit on your lap.  After 24 hours of hanging around with us we broke down and bought cat food!

After Breakfast and getting some of the necessities done around the place, Dave and I walked all the way in Siena.  This is a good walk and necessary to counteract all the not healthy things I am doing to my body.  We stopped in The Campo (main square) for a cup of coffee and people watching.

I realize that sitting having coffee in the main tourist attraction in a city is not going to be the cheapest cup of coffee, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and this is what we did.  After a nice sit in the shade, we explored around a little more, and were just heading back to go home for lunch when we saw a small restaurant in a back street which caught both of ours eyes.  So we decided to stop for lunch.

I had Pappa al Pomodoro (bread and tomato soup), which was amazingly intensely tomatoey, I have to have a go at making this.  Dave had fuzilly with pesto.

Along with 1/2 litre of house red this made a really good lunch.  We then walked back down to the train station to catch the bus home.  After a swim and a read we went down to pick up some more groceries at the Co Op.  Then two more people arrived so it was appetizers and prosseco on the deck.

Jacopo rounded us up at 7:30 for the daunting ride through the countryside to the restaurant in the forest.  This time there was more people so Brian rode on the back of Jacopo's motorcycle while Rob drove his car.

I got a photo of the restaurants sign.

Very similar menu, though this time instead of a small amount of steak we got a large pork chop.

This photo does not do justice to this extremely juicy flavourful pork chop. My day started with a purring cat and ended with a really good piece of pork, a very good day indeed.

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  1. Oh! And I said that all you needed was a cat to make everything purrrrfect!! Hope to meet her soon. CMS