Sunday, September 21, 2014

A month in Tuscany day 15 - A trip to Chianti country

Three of our guests were wanting to rent scooters and scoot around the Tuscan country side.  So Dave and I drove them up to a small town in the centre of the Chianti wine district Gaiole, to rent them.  This took far longer than you would expect.  Jennifer you are far more patient than I. When Bri and Ern get together it is indeed like herding cats! When they finally had there scooters running they took off and we arranged to meet them in Radda for lunch.  Radda is yet another beautiful little hill town and we sussed out a good place for lunch.

We ordered two glasses of Chianti Classico and waited for their arrival.  Amazingly they were not that late, and using impeccable Italian we ordered lunch.  I had Bruscetta Tuscany, which is, warm liver pate with toasted bread.

This was delicious with a real liver flavour which I love.  Bri and Dave ordered the pizza for two, I think really it was a pizza for four!

Ern and Jen ordered salads, which were fresh and probably much better for them than either of the other options.

We enjoyed our meals and a glass of wine and then it was time for the easy riders to take off.

Dave and I then drove around the Chianti vineyards.  This is amazingly beautiful countryside and the grapes are starting to be picked.

Back to the Villa to make dinner with some ideas from my new Tuscan recipe book.  I made panzanella a Tuscan bread soup, which utilizes stale bread, tomatoes, onion, basil and olive oil.

I also made Chicken Caccitori loosely based on a recipe from the same book.

On a sad note, our villa gato is not doing well, she has a very lame paw and is not eating or drinking.  Dave and I spent two hours with the cat in the car unsuccessfully trying to find the vets.  I spoke to them 3 times and used all the technology that GPS and Iphone had to offer and failed. We brought her home and she sleeps all the time but when you stroke her she purrs and looks at you with such gratitude.  Jacopo has promised to take her on Monday with me, meanwhile she receiving lots of love and cuddles and will sip a little milk if you put it next to her.

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