Monday, September 8, 2014

A month in Tuscany day 3 - Settling in

The third day dawned with a heavy mist, which lifted by 10:00 to reveal another glorious day in Tuscany.

My youngest son woke early and walked the 1.5 kilometres to pick up some fresh bread wonderful salami and amazing pastries for breakfast.  After this fortification we went to the now open supermaketo and stocked up on food for a couple of days.

Our two recent arrivals and I went back on the bus to Sienna to explore around, whilst my father rested for the day in the villa and the boys and my husband drove to do some research on renting bikes and found their way around the area a little more.

Sienna of course was beautiful and busy, but with two other women there was a lot more shopping and I found the perfect outfit, which I might have to go back and get.  We had a light lunch and headed back to the Villa on the 4:52 bus.  After the afternoon in Sienna and the walk along the gravel road in the sun, we were all ready for a dip in the pool situated in the olive grove.

After a quick swim, we joined my husband and the owner of the villa who were sitting on the deck.  He shared a bottle of local wine with us and answered all our questions about the area and promised us a bottle of olive oil made from his trees! We were now ready to take on dinner. Cheryl is a vegetarian and had been craving eggplant, so I grilled a sliced eggplant laid it in a baking dish. I covered it with tomato passate mixed with garlic and basil, chopped bread and grated parmesan, and roasted in the oven for about 20 minutes

For the non vegetarians amongst us there was traditional tuscan sausage which my son declared were the best sausages he has ever had in his life.

I roasted some chopped potato with olive oil and rosemary, though there were oven problems and they did not crisp as much as I hoped, they were still delicious.

We also had a mountain of green beans.  It was dark by the time we ate, and we drank a bottle of good Chianti classico. which I just learned from the owner was only grown in a very small region and is identified by a black rooster on the label.

For dessert Gay and Cheryl produced a plate of Tuscan delicacies that they had bought that afternoon in Sienna.  There was panneforte, biscotti and a cookie which we ended up calling clouds, as Mark declared that this is what clouds would taste like if you could eat them.

A wonderful end to a great day.

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