Thursday, September 25, 2014

A month in Tuscany Day 18 - A night at the Opera

I route marched the new arrivals in to Siena, I really have to get a lot of walking in each day or I will not be able to fasten the seat belt on the plane on the way home from this trip.  Dave drove Gord down to the train station and they came up the escalators as Gord does not have the problem of eating too much! We arranged to meet in the Campo, which at the allotted time was packed.

By this time it was time for lunch a good friend of mine who sadly could not be here had given me the name of a restaurant which was reputedly the best restaurant in Siena.  I suggested that we find this and go there for lunch, it turned out that the restaurant was about 1/2 a block from where we were standing! Al and I went and got the table while poor Nancy waited in the Campo for Gord and Dave. We ordered the house wine, the waiter said he would bring 2 litres and we would only pay what we drank. We paid for 2 litres!

There were no menus and when everyone arrived the chef told us the options for pasta. Nancy ordered ravioli stuffed with ricotta and spinach with mushroom sauce.

Which was delicious, I ordered the ribilliata which is the Tuscan bread soup.

This was also wonderful, Dave, Al and Gord had pici with wild boar sauce.

Also delicious.  All the pasta was made on the premises and scooped off a large table in to the pot at the time of ordering. The chef then came back and asked what we wanted for our main course, we were all full and will have to come back another day for the meat course.  Excellent restaurant, not sure if the best in Siena, but right up there.

Nancy and I wandered around the shops while the men climbed the tower in the Campo then we all went back to the villa to get ready for the evening. Then back to the escalator in to town.  We had made a booking at a restaurant that I had been to for lunch at the beginning of the trip. There were 8 of us and we had a large square table which was perfect.  I ordered the carpaccio which came covered in salad and shaved cheese.

This was amazing and exactly what I wanted.  Dave ordered the chicken and mushrooms.

This had the most intense mushroom flavour I think I have ever tasted. A couple of people ordered the chicken caccitori

This also had an incredibly intense flavour. After all this amazing food, we ordered dessert all made by nona. This might be the best restaurant in Siena. We came out and whilst we were having dinner a street party had popped up.

We walked over to a small church near the bus station where we had tickets for an opera singer.  When she started up we could not believe the power and clarity of her voice, I am sure she could break glass! It was a wonderful end to another great day. 

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