Saturday, September 27, 2014

A month in Tuscany Day 21 - Another 3 hour lunch!

Today was the day that my British childhood friends were leaving, so we decided to go up to Siena and have lunch before bidding them farewell.  We were trying to find somewhere to eat when we walked past a restaurant that I had been eyeing for a while and was getting very good vibes on.  There was room for only 8 on their very small terrace and 8 we were.  We let the waiter decided what to bring for us, and he did not dissapoint.

First up was a antipasto platter. We sat 4 at each table and so they brought out 2 platters of everything.

This platter had bruschetta with tomatoes and liver pate, as well as deep fried croquettes.  None of us could figure out exactly what these consisted of except there was definately meat of some kind and they were delicious.

Next came the obligatory meat platter.

In the centre is pecorino cheese with honey to drizzle on it which is a wonderful way to eat it.  Next was the ribilliata bread soup.

This was the best version that I have had so far with a lovely crunchy toasted bread served with it.

Now for pasta, first the pici with cheese and pepper sauce. In our defence this bowl was to feed 4.

This was extremely creamy and full of flavour and a large pepper grinder arrived at the same time to add more pepper.  Then came the ravioli with meat sauce.

Again delicious, but no main course for us this was an enormous amount of food and 3 hours had passed merrily sitting on the deck drinking house wine and reminiscing with old friends. It was time to say good bye to the Brits and the remainder of us walked down to the Campo for a coffee. It was a warm afternoon and a band was setting up play that evening.  The acoustics were amazing and we enjoyed listening to each instrument as they warmed up.  First a cello, then a saxophone.  We toyed with staying to listen, but realized that we would get cold and were not prepared.  Back to the villa we went.

After our enormous lunch nobody really felt like dinner, so I made salad with hard boiled egg, tuna and cannelloni beans with a little olive oil and red wine vinegar.

The roast pork planned for dinner would have to wait until tomorrow, and tomorrow there will be no 3 hour lunch!

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