Sunday, September 14, 2014

A month in Tuscany day 9 - The hoards descend

The morning dawned quietly with the boys sleeping in until after 10:00, and I enjoyed a leisurely morning doing laundry.  The washing machine has been a bit of a trial, but I believe we have if figured out now, and have determined that it is not a combo washer and dryer but but just a washing machine.  Therefore the drying is done on drying racks in the sun.

For lunch I made some chicken vegetable noodle soup from the stock made from the chicken the other night.

After lunch we went down to pick up the first two couples who arrived at the train station with in 20 minutes of each other one couple from Rome, the other from Cinque Terra.  We brought them back to the villa for the obligatory tour and drink on the deck.  The afternoon passed pleasantly swimming and chatting on the deck in beautiful warm sun shine.  Then at about 5:30 a large cloud came over and suddenly the heavens opened.

But this only lasted a few minutes, we wiped off the table and chairs and proceeded with dinner.

I made a pork roasted roasted on a bed of carrots, garlic and rosemary.

When it was finished I poured wine in to the roasting tin, squashed the vegetables and simmered it all up and poured over the cut meat.

I served this with fettuccine tossed with a spicy tomato sauce

I also made a simple green salad. Halfway through the meal the last couple arrived by taxi and quickly integrated in to the group for dinner.

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