Saturday, September 13, 2014

A month in Tuscany day 7 - Under the tuscan rain

Day 7 dawned with pouring rain and cool temperatures it was not very promising at all. Gay and Cheryl were going back to Florence and flying back to Vancouver. We had a leisurely breakfast then took some photographs as I want do document all the groups that are staying here. Then we drove down to the railway station to drop them off which is conveniently near the Co Op grocery store. We did a big shop, I am hoping that we will not have to grocery shop for another 3 days.  To quote my husband Dave you know that you are in Italy when the pasta aisle is 4 times bigger than the cereal aisle.

After our big shop we headed back to the villa and I made some panini for lunch.

Though it was still raining Nicholas and I decided to head into Siena to poke around.  Dave dropped us off at the train station and we took the escalator up to the old town which is at the top of the hill.

This consists of 3 moving walkways moving upwards and then three escalators. When we came out at the top we were just outside one of the gates to the city.  A great way to get to the old city from the train station in the valley. The views from the top were as always beautiful, even though there was a light drizzle in the air.

Undaunted by the drizzle we headed in to the old town and dropped in to all the men's shops as Nicholas was in a buying mood.  He bought a T shirt with an unusual photograph of an English soccer player who played in Italy in the 90's who Nicholas seemed to be familiar with and a light hoodie.  We then decided it was time for our first gelato.  I chose blood orange and coconut and Nicholas mango and pineapple.

Nicholas declared that this was the most expensive ice cream he had ever had at 6 euros, but also the best ice cream he had ever had, and I concur.

By now the sun broke through and suddenly it was clear blue sky again. The air was fresh and clean as we wondered back to the bus stop.

The bus drops us 1.5 km away from the villa which is good walk along a gravel road with a big hill at the end which is good for the glutes and ridding the extra calories of gelato, bread and pasta.

We had a quiet evening playing games and enjoying the peace as 3 couples arrive on Sunday! for dinner I did chicken and Tuscan sausage roasted with lemons and rosemary.

With this we had green beans and garlic and rosemary roasted potatoes.

A simple but appropriate meal in a villa with a garden full of rosemary.


  1. A week before you ate gelato. Wtf?
    It should be 1.5 euro a small scoop. 3 for what we would consider a single at rocky point
    You need to find a different purveyor therefore.
    Varga flavor is blue raspberry and has smarties. Sam would tell u to try Stratchiatella flavour