Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lamb Popsicles

I was introduced to the concept of lamb Popsicles at Vijs restaurant in Vancouver they are the signature dish there and like everything I have ever had there, are out of this world.  They have now become a popular item at other restaurants and as an appetizer at parties.

Lamb Popsicles basking in the setting sun

On Friday afternoon when Nancy and I were at Costco shopping for a community event this Saturday we both spied these wonderful looking lamb racks from Australia. I know these are not local in fact they really could not have come from further away, but never the less we both had a single thought "lamb Popsicles.

Beautiful Australian rack of lamb cut into Popsicles
We cut the rack in to chops, the bones had already been frenched (scraped clean) so that was the only prep that we had to do. I made a quick marinade based on what I could remember of the recipe in Vijs's cook book.

1/4 cup of white wine
2 tablespoons of grainy mustard
1 teaspoon of salt.

Mix the very simple marinade in a bowl and add the lamb.

We marinaded for about 1/2 hour and that was all it really needed.  Next barbecue them until medium or your preferred doneness.

These were every bit as good as we had envisioned standing in the aisles of Costco,  enhanced by the glorious weather and the ability to sit pool side as the sun was setting. The original recipe has a wonderful creamy Indian sauce on them, but actually they are wonderful as is, and due to the low fat diet I am trying to stick to, a sauce made with whipping cream really was not on the cards.

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