Monday, August 1, 2011

Coquitlam Farmers market dinner

The very last day of July and the farmers markets around town are in full swing, full of local produce and what better way to go shopping than to buy directly from the farmer when the food is at its freshest and most flavourful.
Farmers market dinner
There were many stalls selling raspberries and blueberries which abound in the Fraser Valley and are at there peak right now.

There were also many very beautiful looking beets, zucchini, lettuce, radishes and so much more.

It was hard to resist any of it, but this is what I finally came home with.

Yellow zucchini (courtesy of my friends daughter who commissioned me to cook it for her) fresh garlic, beets, potatoes, rainbow chard, rainbow radishes, red oakleaf lettuce and a local cheese.

I also bought a large roasting chicken from a local producer Rockweld farm there chickens are humanly treated and non medicated.  It was so large it fed 8 a good dinner and enough left for my lunch the next day!

I pulled out the trusty rotisserie on the barbecue and after the chicken had defrosted, I rubbed it all over with a rub made of equal parts chipotle chili powder, cumin and salt.

The skin was wonderful, not too Weight Watchers friendly, but then you have to live a little.  If you did not have a rotissery, this would have been almost as good roasted in a hot oven.

I roasted the beets wrapped in tin foil in a 350 oven for about 3/4 hour then peeled off the skin and sliced  them then while still warm tossed in white wine vinegar and a small amount of olive oil.  Just before serving I added some of the cheese that I had bought, any goat or feta cheese would work here.

Unfortunately I did not take a picture of this as the cheese turned a very pretty pink colour.

The radishes were enourmous and less peppery than regular radishes, but there was still a bite to them so I marinated them in a little white balsamic vinegar for about an hour before dinner.

Some of the colour leeched out of these and turned the vinegar pink (it was turning into quite a pink meal) Then I added a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, one garlic clove grated a teaspoon of salt and tossed in the lettuce that I had bought.

The potatoes were just boiled in salted water with a large sprig of mint in it, which butter on the side. We shared this meal with good neighbours and my Father and my 2 sons.  Really one of my favourite things is to cook fresh food simply so as the food shines through and share it with family and friends.

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