Saturday, August 6, 2011

Go Fish West Broadway

This restaurant just opened about 2 weeks ago just across from where I work, it is the same people who run the outdoor fish stand down on Granville Island.  I have been there several times and though the food was always good, service was not great and often the lines extremely long.  So when it was suggested last Friday that we go there for lunch I jumped at the chance.

The restaurant is located where Bin 942 was at 1521 West Broadway and I believe is run by the same people as Bin 942.  The decor has completely changed much brighter and a little down market from the previous incarnation.

One of my friends ordered the scallop ceviche, she was served what looked like ceaser salad with two cooked scallops.  When she questioned this the waitress said that they would bring the correct dish and was very apologetic.  She said why don't you eat this anyway while the correct dish is made.  I shared as I had my own problems.  This was very good with lightly grilled romaine lettuce, the dressing on the side and two bacon wrapped scallops.  We both enjoyed it and then her dish arrived.

It was very beautiful and the scallops were perfect, in fact she said this was the perfect dish and exactly what she wanted for lunch.

My other lunch companion ordered the oyster po boy which she had had at the Granville Island stand.

She was also excited about eating here as she loved this sandwich when she had it before.  Her verdict was that it was good, but not great, perhaps not as good as on Granville Island.

I ordered the tuna carpaccio nicoise salad with the dressing on the side.

When this first arrived as you might be able to tell by the picture the tuna was frozen! I questioned this and the waitress took it back and I nibbled on the ceaser salad while I waited. It returned in a few minutes unfrozen.  This was OK but certainly not great, I probably lost something by having the dressing on the side and the Tuna was just not very tasty.

It always takes a new restaurant a little while to sort out the kinks and they were very apologetic and two of our dishes were free.  I will certainly go back and try again as one of the dishes were spectacular, and the dish we got by mistake was also very good.  

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