Sunday, October 5, 2014

A month in Tuscany day 26 - Another rainy market day.

We walked in to the market in Siena and though rain was threatening it was still pretty good heading down the dirt road and as usual the light was just a little different and a picture had to be taken.

You can feel the change of the season in the air and it was quite overcast, though not what you would call cold.  The market in Siena is every Wednesda, it is enourmous and attracts people from all the surrounding countryside.  It is really more of a local market than a tourist one, though never the less we were not the only tourists.  I finally bought a jacket not the one that I had been eyeing each week, but a new one.

After a couple of hours poking around the market it was time for lunch, rain was threatening, so went to the restaurant I had discovered 3 weeks before in a torrential downpour. I ordered the dish that Dave had previously ordered bonconcini of chicken with mushrooms, as did everyone else except Nancy.

This was delicious with and intense mushroom flavour, as good as I had remembered.  Nancy ordered the osso bucco which also had and an intense flavour.

 Another amazing lunch, I think I would put this restaurant as one of the top two that I expereinced in Siena. Whilst we were having lunch Dennis snuck a photograph of the Nona in the kitchen, she was the owners grandmother and at 91 was still working in the kitchen each day, and her desserts were amazing.

By this time it was pouring rain and so Nancy and I took Al and Gord to get an Italian haircut.

After they were all spruced up we then went to work on the Italian shoes for the men. This was accomplished for Gord anyway in not time flat, we had agreed to meet Debbie and Dennis at the coffee shop in the Campo.

We enjoyed a Aperol spritz while the rain passed over. Then headed back in overcast but not pouring skies. Again too cool and damp for dinner on the deck so another kitchen meal.

This was a fridge clearing meal, as it is only a few days before we have to leave.  When trying to clear out a fridge my go to dishes are frittata, soup and fried rice, tonight as we were in Italy I chose frittata.  We had this with a green salad and roasted tuscan sausage.

Every good meal contains tuscan sausage.

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