Sunday, August 28, 2011

PCA Family Boat Festival

The Pleasantside Community Association (PCA) held it's first Annual Family Boat Festival this weekend. Since I am on the executive of the association I was involved in organizing this event. As usual my involvement would be mostly to do with food.

This being a family event, that had to break even, and I had no idea how many people would be coming we decided to keep in simple, hamburgers and hot dogs.  Nothing gourmet here, no food porn pictures, but the hamburgers were not bad though I say so my self.

But the event really wasn't about food it was about bringing the community together to enjoy the beautiful place that we live in and enjoying a glorious summer day.

The main event was the boat races, we had races for kids with parents in a couple of different age groups and we had one young boater as young as three!

Depending on the age group the length of the race varied, but whatever the length of the race or the age of the participants to win the race you had to jump out of your boat and ring a wonderful old bell that we had borrowed from the museum.

We also had an adults only race, pitting canoes and Kayaks together, inevitably a Kayak won, but I am not sure it really mattered who won or lost, it really was more about participating.

As well as the boat races, we had crafts for the kids including wooden boats that had to be assembled and decorated.  These were the handiwork of my Father who both conceived of the idea and cut out and painted the pieces.
Building and decorating boats
These were a great hit and the kids (and Fathers) assembled the boats, but I think the kids mostly enjoyed decorating them and trying them out in the ocean. We ran out of boats but not before almost everyone who wanted make one had a chance.

All in all it was a wonderful day and thanks to Yvonne I think the first of many more Boat Festivals

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