Thursday, August 18, 2011

Herb vinegar

My herbs on the deck are now in their full glory and what a joy it is cook with abundant fresh herbs.  However I was trying to think of ways to preserve some of their flavour for the winter when the pickings are thin.

Also I just finished some tarragon vinegar which I had brought from Valentine Farm in Summerland a small vinegar works that uses Okanagan grapes to make their vinegar and infuse with home grown herbs and fruit.  So I had a beautiful bottle with a stopper to make my own herb vinegar. After reflecting on what herbs I wanted to use, I chose sage and basil.

I placed a couple of sprigs of herbs and two cloves of garlic Which I cut in a couple of chunks each

Then I filled the bottle with a good white wine vinegar.

A close up
I made this just over a week ago, and today I used it in a salad dressing and it already tasted wonderful, though the herbs are not looking so green now.  But this was so easy and good, I think everyone I know will be getting herb vinegar for Christmas this year.

A taste of summer

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  1. It is visually appealling. I'm sure it tastes as good as it looks!