Monday, August 8, 2011

Crime Lab Restaurant Vancouver

Saturday night before meeting our friends on their boat, my father, husband and I decided to go out for dinner.  We were parked at the entrance to Stanley Park and so the Crime Lab  was the closest restaurant, and it has a spectacular view of Coal Harbour.

Our timing was perfect, just as we arrived a table of 4 on the deck was paying their bill and so we managed one of the much sought after tables outside.

I did not really have great hopes for the food, the restaurant has such a stunning view and an extensive drinks menu, I thought the food would be a bit of a throw away. But I was wrong, the food though not cheap, was not overpriced and was very good.

My father ordered the seafood linguini.

The pasta was perfectly cooked and it was loaded with very fresh seafood in a very rich buttery sauce.

I ordered the lamb pops, which was on the appetizer menu, but it was plenty for dinner for me.

I got three very meaty grilled lamb chops that were crusty and charred on the outside, but still pink and medium rare on the inside.  These came with a potato and goat cheese croquette and a melon and feta salad.  I was extremely happy with both the lamb and croquette, though the melon salad seemed to have a strong vanilla flavour which I found a little off putting.

My husband ordered the sockeye salmon.

Again the salmon was cooked perfectly still moist and crusted with sesame seeds. I tasted a little of his salad which was described as an asian slaw, and it was wonderful, light, fresh and very tasty.  If I had had his salad with my meal it would have been just about perfect.

We enjoyed our meal overlooking the habour and watching the many people out enjoying the sea walk which went by us. It was a very enjoyable meal made even better by the fact that it was better than my expectation.

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  1. What an interesting name for a restaurant! For a moment I thought it was going to be a theme restaurant like the ones they have in Japan :)