Friday, October 29, 2010

A day at Pike Place Market - lunch at Seatown

Though the weather was predicted to be monsoon like, it was not too bad Saturday was cloudy and a little drizzly .

So we decided before the heavens opened we would go down to Pike place Market.  We hopped on the trolley which dropped us off just by Nordstrom Rack.  We  had to go in and see what bargains were to be had.  Nancy and I found a pair of boots each that we could not live with out and Connie was our shopping husband holding purses jackets and discarded footwear.  Well it was her idea to go in.

Shopping out of the way down to pike Place Market.  We spent a very enjoyable hour or two wandering through the market taking in the sights and sounds.  There was beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables which was tempting me to cook dinner, but that passed.
Fresh colourful kale

There were also many vendors selling beautiful flowers for ridiculously cheap prices.

$10.00 a bunch!

A vendor was selling pepper rasta's using beautiful fresh multicoloured peppers that really brightened up a grey Seattle day.

We wandered aimlessly buying scarves, jewellery, tasting things and I found some green chili powder  for making chili Verde. Then as is inevitable thoughts turned to lunch and we decided to try Seatown Restaurant which is directly opposite the Market and is the newest of the Tom Douglas restaurants.

Seatown Restaurant
It was the Brunch menu, not always my favourite, but there was some interesting options.  Nancy and I ordered dungeness crab, pork, and chickpea stew with dill yogurt  to share.  This sounded more interesting than it was.  It was quite tasty and light, but did not quite live up to our expectations.  Then we shared a porchetta sandwich with roasted sweet pepper relish served with beautful looking home made waffle chips (or crisps as we would say in England.  The pork was very tasty and the bread was good, my only complaint was that the pork could have been a little hotter.  Connie ordered a fried egg sandwich with eggplant and greek feta. She was very happy with her choice, A good friend of Connies Kathleen joined us she was in Seattle for the weekend from Olympia.  She ordered another fried egg sandwich with porchetta red pepper and arugula

Fried egg sandwich with arugula
 Again another very nice sandwich.  All the sandwiches were $9.00 and we washed then down with a glass of white wine on tap.  Who knew.

Fortified we carried on around the market again browsing and soaking up the atmosphere, we ended up at a wine tasting  at La Buona Tavola given by a very enthusiastic salesman, he entertained us with the life history of the wine makers describing in detail the wineries and their locations, all of them in Italy.

La Buona Tovola tasting table

The wines were all good and we each bought one unfortunately we drank mine on Saturday night and so I could not tell you what wine it was. They also had olive oils and many truffle products to taste and tasted we did. Altogether a very enter

I had not been to Pike place Market for many years, and it was still every bit as good as I remembered and there was certainly enough to see and do for a day.

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