Thursday, October 28, 2010

Seattle get away Dinner at Cafe Campagne

Seattle is only 3 hours drive from here (a little longer if the border is busy) so a good weekend getaway if you are looking for city life.   Connie, Nancy and I headed down friday afternoon for a weekend away from reality.

Friday evening we arrived in time for dinner, we did not have a reservation and after a little research and a glass of wine in our hotel room, we headed to Pike Place Market as there were several restaurants of interest and, we figured we would get in to one.  After trying and failing at "The Pink door" we tried Cafe Campagne  just around the corner.

It was perfect just what we were looking for cosy good food and great atmosphere.

We started by sharing the country style pate, this was  wonderfully rich, there were large chunks of chicken liver in it and it was very flavourful. The pate was served with two mustards and cornichons.  I am glad we shared it as it was a generous portion.

Nancy and I both had fish, she had rock cod which was the special that day and I had trout almondine.  Both were simply cooked, just right and very fresh.  Connie had a lamb burger and fries, she was happy and so we were we as we could have fries with out feeling guilty about ordering them.

At the table next to us, they had ordered cassoulet, which I had been tempted to order, as I love cassoulet, but though it looked wonderful, it also looked like an enormous serving, definitely a dish to share.

None of us could face dessert, so we headed back to our hotel feeling very satisfied and ready to take on the next day.

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  1. Glad to hear you had a great time at our restaurant. Thanks for writing the post about it!

    -Matt Longman, Manager, Café Campagne