Sunday, June 23, 2013

Port Moody turns 100 and Vera's hamburgers

Saturday dawned cloudy but quite warm, a perfect day for a parade.  Port Moody turns 100 years old this year not a spectacularly long time, but a significant one. The City decided to celebrate by having an old fashioned down home parade, so we walked over to watch.

There were several marching bands, including one very enthusiastic Chinese drumming band, which was accompanied by their leader holding up a small red boom box playing rather tinny  Chinese music.

There were some nods to the past such as people riding penny farthing bikes, which when asked, told us that they used a ladder to mount, and really dismounting was the problem.

There was a fairly large contingent of first nations which seemed appropriate, because they had been here far longer than 100 years.

Some were riding in an aluminum fishing boat labeled "present" followed by a beautiful traditional canoe labeled "past"

My favourite float of the day was the one depicting the salmon that spawn in the local waters. This reminded me of something that my Father would have designed and made.

The local towns around such as New Westminster and Coquitlam had floats representing them and at the end of the parade was the Port Moody float.

When the parade finished we headed over to Newport for lunch, I wanted to try Vera's burger shack as I had never had a burger there. I ordered the standard Vera's burger with all the fixings. this is a 6oz patty, more than I need, but apparently not more than I can eat.  After I had ordered I noticed the "mini" burger at 4oz.  Oh well.  The burgers are cooked to order and I have to say it was very good, tasty, juicy but not too greasy and plenty of toppings.

I stole a few fries from my dining partners, but they were not as good as the burger.

A good down home day enjoying the beautiful part of the world that I live in, and it finished with an impromptu drinks and dinner on the deck with neighbours, which is really why this is my preferred place to live.

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