Friday, June 14, 2013

Greensmiths, Lower Marsh, Waterloo London

Lower Marsh is a road around the back of Waterloo Station in London.  My friend lives a few blocks from here and so this is where we come on a regular basis to pick up a few groceries have our nails done, or pick up lunch.

One side of the road is lined with the London version of food carts, serving food from around the world.

Which smelled and looked delicous.  Also there was a woman selling wonderful looking baked goods.

We were going to a small upscale supermarket called Greensmiths.

It is actually a type of co-operative of different companies, with the butchers being The Ginger Pig, which has an outlet at Borough market.  Its animals are reared using sustainable methods on a free range farm in North Yorkshire. The most interesting thing I found on their web site was pork pie wedding cakes! Now that is my kind of wedding cake.

I was very tempted by this prime rib which looked amazing, but I hate to think how much it would have cost.  Instead I bought shin of beef to make my Grandmothers meat and potato pie

On the bottom floor there is a wine merchants, assorted other drinks, baking supplies and a selection of amazing cheeses.

On the top floor is cafe, which is where we decided to have lunch.

They had salads, soups, sandwiches and quiche.

Ham and olive quiche
An interesting place to wander and shop a little off the regular London beat.

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