Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 2 Dubrovnik

I am afraid day 2 had a bit of a slow start due to a free bottle of grappa with dinner the night before.  The pictures of the food were very blurry and dark, but it was a great meal of fresh fish eaten at a restaurant on the beach. But when we eventually got going the next morning we spent a little time in the old town again and then decided to go up the gondola to the top of the hill behind the town.

It is about the same size and height as the grouse mountain gondola in Vancouver and the view was equally impressive.

Looking down on the old town

Looking towards the islands we are going to be sailing around
We enjoyed the view for a while and took many many photographs, and then 3 of the group went to a small museum telling the story of the 1991/2 war.  Gord and I decided to sit in the very beautiful terraced bar and have a snack and a drink.

We ordered a cheese plate.

To go along with this I ordered a mojito.

After the refreshments we took the gondola down and searched out a place for an early dinner as we were going to concert at 9:00.  So we found another little restaurant hidden away on a side street and ordered the worst wine I have had in a long time there were hints of retsina and hints of gasoline.  If you go to Croatia avoid this wine!

Avoid this wine
After a few sips we ordered another bottle twice the price and twice as good.

For dinner Nancy ordered pizza

It was a wonderful thin crust topped with Croatian ham and arugula.  Gord ordered beef strogonoff which came with hand rolled pasta, not fries which is what the picture looks like.

This was a very plentiful helping of tasty tender beef and very little mushrooms, which pleased Gord as he is not a big mushroom fan.  I ordered fried squid.

This was similar to calamari that you would get at home, but they were not greasy at all and very fresh and tender. Dave ordered pasta with truffles.

I was very interested to try this as I have never eaten a piece of fresh truffle before.  It was wonderful and not nearly as strong tasting as I had imagined.  Dave loved this rich creamy pasta dish and we all got to try truffle. We finished off the day going to see a quartet that was playing in one of the small chapels, which was amazing and well worth the $20.00. Another great day.

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