Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pearl Farmers Market San Antonio

Two of the places that I really enjoy visiting when I travel is supermarkets and farmers markets.  The product that you can get is different where ever you go and a supermarket will show what the residents are eating at home.  If this holds true San Antonians are not eating very well, as we could only find dollar stores and corner stores that sold frito lay chips, beer and pre-made food.  I know that outside of the downtown this is not true but as we did not have a car  and so we did not experience a real Texas supermarket.

We did however find a farmers market which we were able to get to by walking out of our hotel right on to the river walk and heading north for about 20 minutes. The  Pearl Farmers Market had received mixed reviews on the net so I was a little apprehensive that it would be lame as some had suggested.  I was pleasantly surprised however it was a very nice location on the River walk in the Shadows of the Pearl Brewery which was closed and in the process of being renovated.

We found many of the same things that you would find in the Northwest if a little later in the year than up here.

There were some spectacular radishes that my husband had to buy a bunch of to eat as we strolled around the market.  There was however somethings that we never see up here such as black eyed peas.

Black eyed peas in the shell
These came both in their shells as well as shelled.

I had never seen fresh black eyed peas before and I would have loved to have bought some and cooked with them, but unfortunately we did not have a kitchen, so I had to be content with taking a picture.

There were of course several vendors selling pecans a local favourite.

We did buy several bags of pecans (small ones) with roasted pecans with several coatings on them.  We thought that these would be alright going through customs and we were correct.  I also bought some very good fruity olive oil from a local producer.

I hope to use this at a Texas party sometime this winter.  All Vendors were supposed to be with a 150 mile radius of San Antonio so this was truly local produce.  Another Vendor was selling lavender products from their lavender farm.

I bought two bars of very strong lavender soap which made all the clothes in my suitcase smell wonderful for the rest of the trip and are now sitting in my pajama drawer scenting everything there.

The market was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday Morning strolling around tasting some of the vendors produce and  picking up some gifts to take home. It is open every Saturday all year round and well worth the walk along the river.

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