Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Island of Hvar part 1

The weather continued to be perfect, warm and sunny, but not too hot and we sailed a little, motored a little heading for one of the largest islands Hvar.

We arrived in the early afternoon and found one of the few anchorages in the inner harbour of the town of Hvar.

The town looked similar, if larger than the towns on the other islands, but there was a large castle sitting on the hill overlooking the town and harbour.  We took the tender and started to look for somewhere for dinner.  I was craving lamb and there was a dish that we had seen advertised at many restaurants called "lamb under a bell" which I curious about.  We found a restaurant that had this and we booked a table and ordered the lamb as it was cooked to order and took over 2 hours.

Al negotiating with the chef
We explored around the town for a couple of hours returning at the appointed time to the restaurant.

In the open fire we saw our lamb cooking under the bell to the left of the grate over the fire.

We took our seats and then they proceeded to bring two dishes courtesy of the kitchen.  The first one was a bruschetta with tuna and and more, though I wolfed it down and could not identify what else.

Then we each got a small plate of hand rolled pasta with a fresh truffle sauce!

There was also red pepper and local ham, and it was absolutley amazing.  Then came the main event the lamb.

I am afraid I did not get a great picture of this, but there was what seemed like a whole small lamb cut up bones and all, cooked with potatoes, vegetables, herbs and olive oil. It was wonderful and I have a better picture of what was left after we had finished.

I think we did it justice. This was the best meal so far for me and a perfect end to another near perfect day.

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