Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Split Croatia

We drove along the coast road from Dubrovnik to Split, this took longer than you think, as it was a very windy road with considerable road works. Along the side of the road there were stands selling fresh oranges, olive oil and figs.

Of course we had to stop and buy oranges, and then we came across a small winery and we had to buy some wine.

There are 5 Kn to a dollar so we could have got 5 litres of wine for 16 dollars! Though this was not great wine we managed to choke it down sitting on our deck in Split.

Split is a much larger town than Dubrovnik, but the Old town portion is about the same size. Though not as classically beautiful, it feels a little more real and is still fascinating to wander around.

We found our apartment, just on the edge of the old town with a deck overlooking it.

View from deck
The apartment we rented was large and there were 3 double bedrooms each with an en suite bathroom and of course the spectacular deck.

We settled in and then wandered out to explore.  We found a little pizza place built right in tot the walls of the city.  Al ordered a seafood pizza.

I ordered veal cutlet

I was beginning to learn that this means a massive amount of delicious veal chop simply grilled and served with french fries, it became my go to meat dish for the remainder of the trip.  Of course as always we ordered the Greek style salad.

Our appetites satisfied we headed back to enjoy a glass of wine enjoying the view across Split.

That evening we headed back in to town to find somewhere for dinner and check out the town some more.  The local church was celebrating its annual fiesta, and there were bands playing and sardines grilling.

These were being handed out for free on a hunk of bread. The streets were packed with locals, when one of the asked where I was from and I answered Canada, he broke in to a rendition of Oh Canada, apparantly one of his favourites songs!

This is a picture of me with the Canadian loving couple from Split. Shortly after this picture we went back to our apartment where I contracted the Norwalk like virus that poor Nancy was just getting over.  I spent the next day in that beautiful bedroom resting and trying to recover.

Our bedroom

 Therefore I missed Trogir a beautiful little town a few miles away, and apparently an amazing last dinner in Split.  Luckily I was starting to feel better the following day when we were going to the islands to pick up our catamaran.


  1. Gillian:
    So sorry you and Nancy were under the weather.

    I am getting such vicarious pleasure from reading this blog. WONDERFUL TRIP! Can't wait to see pix of the catamaran! Will you be my travel agent?
    Love, Anna

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