Sunday, May 19, 2013

Paradise found opportunity lost

After Vis we sailed to a small bay between two very small islands just off the coast of Vis.  On the map it appears to be called Budkovac

We anchored in the harbour and enjoyed a glass of white wine and some of the delicious cheese and pears that we had brought with us.

It was a perfect peaceful little bay, there was one house on the larger Island and it looked like they were living off the grid, growing all there own vegetables in a large vegetable garden.

There were also sheep (grazing on rosemary as it turned out) chickens, goats and donkeys.  Nancy and I swam ashore to check out the beach and then the men followed in a the tender.

We noticed that there were some tables set up on the patio of the house and so we wandered up and asked if this was a restaurant, we were told it was, though when we requested a menu she said that you got what was being cooked that day. She pointed to the fisherman walking up the beach towards us.  He produced from his bag this collection of fish and lobsters

She then told us that they did not work in the evening, it was 3:00 in the afternoon and we had just eaten and no one was hungry :( so we had a drink instead.

This is the kind of scenario that I dream about, stumbling across a local inhabitant who offers to cook you a home cooked meal with the locally sourced fresh ingredients.  Had it been left to me and Al, I think we would have had a meal even though we were not really hungry, but cooler heads prevailed.  We ate dinner much later on the boat and though I regret not taking this opportunity, it was a wonderful dinner with great friends in a beautiful location.

We had a dinner of leftovers, potato salad and rice and beans with a light cucumber and tomato salad and it was absolutely delicious.

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