Sunday, May 26, 2013

Last Night on the boat and on to Ston

It seemed impossible that 7 nights had gone past, but we found ourselves back where we had started on the Island of Vis. We had to hand over the boat at 8:00 in the morning, so it only made sense to spend the last night in home port.  We decided to cook our last meal on board, and had picked up a few provisions in Hvar that morning at the market.  We found these beautiful little artichokes which really looked more like flowers.

So while we were sailing back to Vis, I broke them down and prepared them the Italian way with a vinaigrette

Along with this we had some Pork cutlets sauteed with herbs de Province and finished with a splash of white wine.

Nancy made some rice with chicken stock and paprika

and of course there was the ubiquitous tomato and cucumber salad.

It was a pleasant meal as we reflected on our wonderful week on the boat and talked of future adventures.  The next morning came the sad job of packing up and getting off the boat, made only more miserable by cloudy Sky's and a light rain.

A very unhappy Nancy leaving the boat.
 We took the ferry back to Split, said farewell to Dave who was heading to Zagreb for a couple of days and picked up our rental car.  We drove down the coast to a town called Ston.  This has been recommended by a friend of Nancy's as a place to see, and she was correct, it was a beautiful little town.

The town was nestled at the bottom of hill, on the edge of an inlet (a little like Port Moody really) but there was a wall that went up and over the hill protecting the salt flats that were also at the end of the inlet.

The wall looked what I imagined\ the Great Wall of China must look like having never been there, but of course much shorter.  We climbed up part of the wall as this seemed the thing to do.

The views looking back down were quite spectacular and we had certainly earned a bite to eat and a glass of wine at the end.  We found a lovely shaded terrace in front of a restaurant and sat down to enjoy some of the mussels and oysters that were farmed all around Ston.

Nancy and Al ordered oysters, which they had been craving ever since we saw the oyster beds.

They declared them some of the best oysters they had ever had.  I had to order mussels as I have been having a love affair with mussels cooked in white wine since I was 6.

They did not disappoint.  The only person who was not so happy about this meal was Gord, as he does not care for seafood and ordered french fries, this greatly amused the waitress.

As usual we received a gift from the kitchen, which was a delicious tuna pate served with warm toast.

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