Sunday, May 5, 2013

Scooters day 3 Dubrovnik

The third and last day in Dubrovnik we decided to rent 50cc scooters to tootle around the surrounding area.  They were only 20 euros for the day and well worth it.  We picked them up just at the entrance to the old town, this made starting off interesting as it was a busy narrow road.  The last time I was on a scooter was about 20 years ago in Bermuda and it was a shaky start, but I soon got the hang of it and managed not to hit anything.

We scooted around to another bay where inevitably we stopped for lunch.  We sat out on a beautiful deck overlooking the bay.

We sat on the edge of the deck under the shade of the large umbrellas and ordered a bottle of white wine.  They brought a gratis tuna pate to enjoy first.

This was delicious and as you can see I took a bite before taking a photograph.  Nancy ordered a Greek salad.

The feta was very mild and it was fresh light and delicious.  Dave order grilled prawns.

These were served over arboria rice and were every bit as good as they look. I ordered veal kebabs.

These came with fries and a red pepper puree, we also ordered the ubiquitous kale and potatoes.

This seemed to be served at every restaurant and along with roasted vegetables appear to be the only vegetables available. We shared everything and everything was good.

We scooted around a little more and ended up meeting the other two members of our party very appropriately enjoying a beer at the biker bar.

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