Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Island of Vis

After our first rather rocky night anchored off the Island of Solta we made a 5 hour sail up to the Island of Vis.  The day started off rather grim with rain and dark sky's, and we were grateful for our floating camper van, but about an hour in to the trip the sun came out and before we knew it was a glorious summers day.

We decided to anchor in the protected harbour of the town of Vis shown at the top of this map.

This was like all the towns we encountered on the islands, built from the cream coloured local stone and centered around the harbours.  We arrived in time to go ashore for a poke around and then back to the boat to make dinner.  We had bought some pasta that looked like a wider fettuccine and some cevapici which are like a long Croatian meatball.  So we made a simple sauce using these meatballs and carton of Italian tomato puree. Simple but good.

After all this was the view we had as we ate.

The next morning we headed out again for a short sail around the Island to the larger town of Komiza which was in a larger wide open bay.  The winds picked up and according to the instruments we were going at 10 knots at one point.  This is very different than in a single hulled boat as you do not lean, but it was quite exciting.  Komiza was picture perfect with a church sitting on a hill looking down on the town.

We explored around the town and then climbed up to the church, which unfortunately was closed as it was getting late by the time we got up there, but the view was amazing.

As that wonderful light just before dusk enveloped the town we wandered down through the narrow streets back to the boat.

I did not feel like either cooking or eating (this does not happen often) and Nancy made a wonderful rice and bean dish served with salad, that I had the next day for lunch, always good to have two cooks on a trip.

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