Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Picking up the catamaran in Solta

It turns out that actually the boat that we had rented was not in Split but on an Island a 45 minute ferry ride away. The owner of the apartment that we were staying in, very helpfully, gave us a lift to the ferry terminal and started on the next leg of our adventure.

Sail boats from the ferry
We arrived on the small island of Solta and our boat was waiting for us a 5 minute walk away from the ferry dock.

The first glimpse of our boat

We had arrived a little early and the boat was still being cleaned when we arrived, so we hitched a ride in to the local town to pick up some supplies and then had a late lunch sitting on the edge of the bay.

The waiter told us they had just caught a "red" fish and we could have that grilled with the obligatory kale and potatoes.  I sadly was still suffering a little from digestive problems and only felt like soup.

The fish arrived and was fresh and delicious, and I am afraid rather expensive, but it was amazingly fresh.  My soup arrived and in fact tasted much better than it looked.

It was a very flavourful beef broth with noodles, though I left those I could only manage the broth.  There is nothing like a touch of stomach flu to keep the holiday weight gain down.  Fortified by our meal we went to take charge of our boat and our Captain Al, navigated us out of the harbour.

We motored about an hour to a small town around the other side of Solta to anchor for the night.  The others took the tender in to the town for a drink and a snack for dinner.

Sadly I lay down for yet another nap :(

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