Friday, April 1, 2011

Shipwreck Bar and Grill - Pig roast

On the night that we blew into Rincon we met 4 couples from New York that had rented a house down the beach, They shared their Rincon secrets, including Sunday night pig Roast at Shipwreck Bar and Grill.

As far as I could tell there are no indoor seats just shade or sun, but since it never seems to get cool here that is fine.  As we arrived the pig was just ready and look what greeted us.

Eat your Heart out Pete
A friend at work introduced me to her husband about a year a go and almost the first words out of his mouth were that he wanted to have a pig roast.  I though of him when I saw this, and yes we should find a way to have a pig roast this summer.  Our timing was perfect as they were just cutting the first chunks off. I could not wait.

OMG look at that skin

There were other things on the menu which I am sure were just fine, but on Sunday at 5:00 it was pig or nothing.  There was a drink special of rum punch for $2.00 which I think was kool aid rum, but any way there was pig coming.

Waiting for pig
There was two choices 1/2lb of just pig for $12.00 and pig with fixings  (rice, plantain and barbecue sauce) for $18.00 we got both as we figured left over pig would be good for lunch the next day.

Pig with fixings
Just pig and barbecue sauce
This pork was every bit as good as I anticipated, so if you are in Rincon on a Sunday be at the Shpwreck Bar and Grill at about 5:30. In fact this is an island favourite and pig roasts are common all over the Island, got to love an Island full of pig roasts.

A close up of the skin


  1. Eat your heart out Pete? You've got another thing coming girl!!! Seriously, Helen and I had a good laugh, and we're very very jealous. - Pete

  2. You should be. But I have plans for this summer