Thursday, March 31, 2011

Villa Confresi - Rincon Puerto Rico

I found the hotel Villa Cofresi Like I find almost everything these days (except my car keys) on the internet.  It had very good reviews on trip advisor and was locally owned and operated.  Also it said that most of their guests were Puerto Ricons.

Dave enjoying a Pirate special at Villa Cofresi
The rooms mostly seem to have a view of the ocean and the very large bar area is open to the beach and is humming most of the day and all of the evening.

View from the bar
The beach in front of the hotel was not private, but most of the people on it were from the Villa Cofresi.  We got the use of the loungers and most importantly the beach umbrellas.

This was my view for most of the day, in fact we kind of skipped lunch it was so pleasant on the beach.

Lunch day 2
Lunch on day 2 was beer, as you can see my standards were getting very low but the chardonnay did not fit into the ice bucket, thankfully it did fit in to the fridge in the room.  I felt at this point that I was in a beer commercial but I was much larger, older and whiter than the original.

Pirates special
Dave is the only person I know who would ask the bartender to cut the coconut out of the pirate special which he did very effectively, and it wasn't half bad.  There was a massive amount of coconut being wasted here.  Friday and Saturday night the bar filled up with locals, dancing, singing karaoke and generally mingling.  I could not help but be impressed if this had been in Canada there would have been much drunkeness and throwing up in the bushes.  But though there were many young people and a lot of coconuts left on the beach the next day but there did not seem to be the same sort of binge drinking that we see in Canada or England for that matter.

That night we stayed at the hotel and I ordered durado (that white fish again) actually I thought I was ordering something else but I did not have my glasses on.

any way what came was a beautifully cooked white fish with a white wine sauce with capers. Totally different from what I thought I was ordering, but it was very good.

A lovely first full day of the holiday

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