Saturday, April 9, 2011

The lunch of the iguana

While still down in Rincon we went a couple of the blocks from the hotel for lunch one day.  There was a local restaurant that we had seen from the road, that had tables overlooking a river/canal which had really appealed to Dave. He is all about a nice outdoor eating area.

View of "eating platform" 
Any way we ended up driving even though it was a 10 minute walk, as away from the beach it was baking hot.  The deck unfortunately was closed (I think because it was unsafe and we might have ended up eating our dinner in the river not overlooking it.) But there was some outdoor tables in the shade so we took one of those.

While we were waiting for our dinner to arrive, listening to a tape of a Ricky Martin concert, I noticed a large lizard in the grass.  When the waiter noticed my interest, he beckoned me round the back of the restaurant where there were about 5 of them.

Several Iguana apparently friends with the birds
A close up

Apparently they are not dangerous as they scurried away when you approached, but I have never seen such large reptiles just roaming free.

Anyway after the Iguana excitement the food arrived.  I had ordered fish with a rice and beans.

Rice and beans in Puerto Rico, I found, means rice and a separate pot of beans.  This lunch was good if not spectacular. Dave ordered a  fish stew (just what I felt like in 90 degree heat) and a "tropical potato salad" This potato salad was spectacular.

I am not really sure what made this "tropical" but it was warm and wonderful.  When I asked the waiter what was in it, he said potatoes, bacon and butter.  The three basic food groups!  Any way not very good for you, but OMG it was delicious.

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