Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baru Puerto RIco

I cooked two nights that we stayed at the apartment in San Juan and we ate out two nights.  We enjoyed our meal so much the first night that we went to the same restaurant the second time.  The restaurant was Baru They served tapas with a Puerto Rican twist.

The outside of Baru
At first Dave was unsure, but when they lead us out to the courtyard he was sold, he does like to eat outdoors, and it was a lovely cool inner courtyard.

Enjoying our first dinner
The bread basket arrived and there were three types of bread all warm and delicious (this is always a good sign) I ordered a beef dish with roasted potatoes and Dave scallops in a cream sauce.  Unfortunately the photo of the scallops was hopeless, but they were wonderful probably my favourite of the two meals that we ate there.  The scallops were large and meaty and cooked perfectly not rubbery at all and the creamy coconut curry sauce was amazing.

My beef was also good it was grilled steak with a spicy chimichurra sauce which is kind of like a salsa and beautiful roasted potatoes. These were both under $20.00 and though the waitress warned us that they were small servings as they were tapas, the two dishes were plenty for us.

The second time we went we ordered 3 dishes, beef carpaccio, chicken pinches (kebabs)  and pork ribs with a tamarind glaze.

Beef carpaccio
The beef carpaccio was good though nothing spectacular, the beef was meltingly tender and went well with the interesting bread.

Chicken Pinchas
The chicken was a little dry but the presentation was great and the peanut sauce was delicious.  Probably the best dish the second night was the ribs.

Pork ribs with tamarind glaze
These ribs were wonderful falling off the bone tender a great tangy glaze and like everything else at Baru beautifully presented. We could not quite finish these and so asked to take them home.  The plan was to have them the next day on our trip home.  But sadly we left them in the fridge and had to eat awful airline food instead.  

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