Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Feeding hungry men - steak, dinner

Friday of the Easter weekend dawned bright and sunny and almost warm for the first time this year so good friends of ours chose this day to stucco a large wall along their property line.  They phoned my husband to see if he would help and of course he jumped at the chance to help a friend.  They had solicited other friends and relatives and it was hands on hard work all day.

Of course I could not help with the physical labour, (my back and all) so the best I could do to help with the proceedings is to work with Nancy to pull off a dinner to feed the workers.  We decided steak would be an appropriate choice for manual labourers

The workers
This is not so much recipes as a menu and some ideas should you find your self having to feed some hard working men.

We found some nice rib eye steaks at Thriftys which did not cost an arm and a leg and were not too large.  Really with good steaks, barbecuing is the best option (and one of the easiest) so I salted and peppered both sides and grilled them.  The only tricky part was some wanted well done and some rare, well I did my best.

To go along with the steaks Nancy thought that it would be a good idea to make  Chirozo sausage and potato salad.  Instead of white wine vinegar this time we used lemon juice, and served as a warm salad at room temperature.

Warm chirozo and potato salad
This was a very good idea and went well with the steak.  Another old stand by that we did was Roasted vegetables

Roasted Vegetables
We had eggplant, fennel, squash, red peppers and onion and as always it as delicious, really one of my favourite things that I go back to again and again.

At Thriftys there was some nice fresh mozzarella and in honour of upcoming trip to Italy, we decided to make Caprese salad.

This just looks so beautiful and tastes good too.  Just layered fresh boccocini with good tomatoes topped with fresh basil, olive oil and balsamic vinigar.  We also added some finely sliced red onion which as my Mother would have said might have been "gilding the lily".  Along with some good crusty bread and a green salad this made a good dinner to reward some hard workers.

The finished meal

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