Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A day in Capri

We had decided that this was the day to go to Capri as the weather was warm and fairly clear, so we climbed down the many, many steps to the harbor and bought 3 two way tickets to Capri, there was a time for our return journey of 3:15, which as we were getting a 9:30 ferry would give us a few hours to poke around the island.

On the ferry to Capri
we were approached by a friendly man offering to show us around the island on a bus promising "free time to shop"  but after a little consideration we turned him down and turned out to be very glad that we did.

We walked down the same sea wall the that the cars used to drive on to the ferries with. BC Ferries would be horrified, then went to find a cafe to relax and watch the people go by.

Very good very expensive Cappuccino

Restored with caffeine we took the funicular up the hill to the main town.  The entrance was right there and only cost 1.4 euros we were really glad we had not paid out the much larger sum per person to the personal guide.

view from the funicular
It was definitely out of season and a lot of the shops were closed or closing with end of season sales.  Not deterred I managed to find the perfect earrings and both Jacky and I bought silk evening wraps for a great bargain.  So shopping done we tried to find some lunch.  After a bit of a look around we decided on a drink and snack and then have a bigger meal in the evening.

Prosseco and snacks
We sat in the square enjoyed the sunshine and the snack and thoroughly enjoyed our lunch.  We then decided to take the bus up to AnaCapri, this was easy to find and another 1.40 euros each.

The view from the top was wonderful and the bus ride (very small bus ) quite exciting.

View from the top
A little more shopping a plate for me and and a scarf each for Jacky and Candy we decided to head back as we were getting close to our ferry return. Unfortunately we just missed a bus, waited for a another one and it became apparent that we were not going to make our ferry.  We decided not to worry about and and got the next bus and then transferred on to the funicular.

Half way down
We had a gin and tonic while we waited for the last ferry of the day, then headed over to where we thought the ferry would come to, as there were no signs and there were several different ferries going to different places, some of them carrying cars.  It soon became apparent that the time on the ticket was just a suggestion, and so we had no problem getting on the last ferry.

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