Sunday, November 14, 2010

Amalfi coast

After a morning of shopping (mostly window shopping) in Sorrento, we decided to take a drive up the Amalfi coast.  This was something that I had really been wanting to do as I heard it was very beautiful and I was not disappointed.

We set off around the coast road, the sun came out for a while and it was stunning.  Again I was really glad Jacky was driving, as the roads were very twisty and the Italians were driving like no one else was on the roads again.

We drove for an hour or so and then started looking for somewhere for lunch. We stopped at a place on the side of the road to look at some pottery and there was a restaurant down the side of the cliff.  So we went on down and found we were the only diners, again we worried about the food and again in vain.

we ordered the a pizza to share and mixed meat and cheese again as we had enjoyed it so much the night before.  The pizza was we all agreed the best pizza we had ever had.

The best pizza ever
The topping was mushroom and pancetta with fresh mozzarella it was fabulous and the crust was thin but not too thin.

meats and cheese
the mixture of meats and cheese were good but not as good as the night before.

After we had eaten we continued down the coast after buying some of the wonderful lemon oil that was served with the bread, I can't wait to use it at home.

As we were setting back along the coast road the sun set and gave us quite a show.

The sun setting over the Amalfi coast 

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