Monday, November 22, 2010

Barbecued lamb

First night back in London from Italy Jacky's husband (from New Zealand) volunteered to barbecue a leg of lamb for dinner, this is his speciality and I was really looking forward to it.  We decided to make an appetizer using the buffalo mozzarella and lemon oil that we had bought in Italy.  And as we still had celeriac left over from last week we thought we would make a variation on the previous weeks side dish using sweet potato and regular potato along with the celeriac.

This was a meal made with whatever we found in the house.  O happy day when you find fresh buffalo Mozzarella from Italy in your fridge.

We had a whole leg of lamb which Jacky studded with garlick and surrounded with beautiful fresh rosemary from the garden, then wrapped in foil and baked in a medium oven for 40 minutes.

ready to bake
After the lamb was baked Howard (Jacky's husband) took it outside to their built in wood fired barbecue where he had readied the fire so that the wood was mostly burned down to charcoal.

Getting the fire ready

The lamb was then put on a spit with a battery operated motor to cook for a further 40 minutes

After the lamb was cooked Howard brought it in rested for a few minutes and carved.  Yum

Jacky threw together the starter of cherry tomatoes roasted in the oven with garlic green onion and balsamic vinegar topped with lemon olive oil.

Then warm from the oven she added the mozzarrella cheese brought from Italy. Delicious served with some warm french bread.

As there were no fresh green vegetables in the house we made do with minted frozen peas and some austrian green beans from a can.  Do not judge us, sometimes you do what you have to do, and they were not nearly as bad as the canned green beans in Canada.

 We also had the celeriac sweet potato regular potato gratin using the same method as the previous week just substituting the sweet potato for the fennel.

All in all a very good meal.

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