Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another Evening in Sorrento

We had had a good drive down the coast, came back to the hotel had a bottle of wine that we had got at the super market (not great) and contemplated where to go for dinner. Having not come to a decision we went down below the central square and sniffed out something that looked good.  It was getting late about 9:00 and we were not too hungry so just wanted something light.

We found a place in a piazza that we could sit outside and watch the world go by.  Candy ordered a salad that though it was not called a salad nicoise  in fact was.  Jacky ordered an omelet and I ordered a seafood salad. But before our meal arrived we received a free pizza bread.  It was like a pizza base with a brucshetta topping, another thing I like to try when I get home.  We all loved it and ate it though we were not that hungry,

free bruschetta bread

Seafood salad
 The seafood salad was all seafood and no salad, the seafood was delicious and fresh with lemon and olive oil on it.  The dish would have been better served on a bed of arugula, but it was nice and light, which is what I was looking for.

Nicoise salad by any other name
Candy's salad was a pretty standard Nicoise salad again light and fresh.

Jacky said this was a very good omelet though this is not a very good picture of it, in fact Jacky described it as looking like sick. In the omelet was zucchini and tomato puree.

All in all it was just what we wanted a light tasty meal to end off the day.

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