Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Embarrassingly easy beef dip

This is one of my personal favourites as it takes next to no preparation allows you to have dinner on the table almost immediately and mostly because it is delicious in a very simple back to the basics way. If you want to have this when you come home from work, or a day out then you will need a crock pot, though you could cook in an oven in a closed pot.

You will need for 4
A 2lb pot roast
1/4 cup Garlic butter (you can get away with less)
A loaf of french bread
optional 2 tablespoons of horseradish

In the dark early morning before leaving for work, put the pot roast in the crock pot, you can take it straight from the freezer, or already defrosted, either way works fine.  Add 1 cup of water and season with salt and pepper.
Pot roast waiting for warmth

Put the crock pot, on go to work and forget about it.

7 or 8 hours later drive home pick up a nice fresh loaf of bread and come in to a house filled with the wonderful smell of long slow cooked beef.

beautifully cooked beef
Take the beef out of the crock pot and pour the juices into a gravy separator and let it sit for a moment then pour off the fat.

Then pour the now fatless au jus into a small pot and simmer down adding beef stock if needed and adjust seasoning

Shred the beef and keep warm by the stove while you finish off.

You need the old style french bread slice in half horizontally and spread evenly with the garlic butter. Then put under the broiler until it is golden and warmed through

Where's the beef
 Put the beef on the bread, close it up and cut in to 4 large sandwiches, pour the au jus in to 4 small bowls and serve.

Just need to add a salad and dinner is served.

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  1. Gillian, even though I've just had dinner this is really making my mouth water! *drools*