Sunday, March 18, 2012

Poets Cove Pender Island

I just spent 3 days on Pender Island celebrating a friends birthday, I won't out her but it lets just say it was a big one.  I have known her for 30 years and it was an honour to be included in this small group of women to mark this milestone.  Part of the celebration was a trip to Poets cove resort and spa for a massage and lunch.

We were ushered into the spa area by a very friendly young lady and while two of us indulged in an hour long aroma therapy massage the other three went to the steam cave and hot tub.  Totally relaxed and refreshed we went to join them in the hot tub which is set in the rocks overlooking the Marina.  Due modesty concerns and possibility of blackmail I have no photo's of this very pleasant interlude. So instead here is a picture of the view from the Aurora restaurant where we went for lunch.

Since this was mid March and not on the weekend only one restaurant was open and it was not very busy.  In fact I was a little concerned that the food might be a little tired and not too fresh because of this, but I was proven completely wrong.

The lunch time menu is casual and includes mostly sandwiches and burgers, which I understand are normally part of the menu of Syrens bistro which will reopen for the season on April 1st.

I ordered the home smoked salmon sandwich with salad (with a promise of some stolen fries from a friend)

The salmon was delicious not the lox style but very moist with a wonderful smoky flavour.  It was served on a fresh crusty baguette and a good home made tasting dressing for my salad.

Two of the party ordered burgers, which I had a taste of for scientific research purposes and I have to say it was delicious.  I would say that they only complaint was that it was very large and those eating it did not exercise any self control, so it was a good thing that we ate a late dinner that night.

Blue cheese burger
One member of our group was coming off a cleanse and was trying to avoid red meat and gluten so she ordered a beet and goat cheese salad and french onion soup

The salad was beautifully presented with a generous slice of what I believe was a local goat cheese and wonderful earthy beets.  I would certainly have enjoyed this with some bread she was holding to her no gluten diet and so no bread for her.

The soup did the round of the table with all of us taking a spoonful. It had a very flavourful broth with what tasted like some sherry in it.

Another member of our group is vegetarian and they had a wrap with, she declared, all her favourite ingredients quinoa, roasted vegetables  and hummus.

She was very happy with this and it certainly fulfilled her vision.  As she eats seafood there were several options for her to choose from on the menu.

None of us really needed dessert, but for some it is the best part of the meal so the apple tart was chosen. This came along with a fork for each of us in case we wanted to taste.

This was served with a dollop of home made ice cream and a caramel sauce and was universally declared wonderful.

This was a great day we felt pampered relaxed and at least one of us fell asleep in the car on the way back.  Just as we were leaving I noticed a large clump of crocuses in the sunshine a wonderful reminder that Spring is really under way, and soon this resort will be buzzing with all the marina traffic and summer visitors.

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