Monday, November 21, 2011

King William district of San Antonio and Titos

The King William District is just South of Downtown and easily accessible by walking, biking or the trolley buses that circle the city. It is a nice neighborhood to walk or bike around as the streets are tree lined therefore providing some shade on a hot day and their are some beautiful examples of old San Antonio homes.

Some of them quite grand like the one above and some of them far more modest.

But mostly well maintained and rather inviting.  I suspect that this neighborhood has recently become a more desirable place to live and looks to be benefiting from some gentrification.  Amongst the houses are several bed and breakfasts and some restaurants.  We stumbled upon Tito's one evening and were pleasantly surprised by the food and the ambiance.

I can not remember the name of the dish that I ordered but the description was very similar to Taco al Pastor except with beef instead of pork

The beef was very tasty grilled beef on hand made corn tortillas with chopped onion and cilantro to sprinkle on and several wedges of lime.  This was served with a bowl of beans.  All very delicious and fresh.

My husband ordered two tacos, they were very accommodating with his indecision and he had one crispy, one soft and one chicken and one beef.

This also was very tasty and came with re fried beans and rice.  The thing that impressed my husband the most was that the beer came in a frosty glass and therefore was ice cold.  I believe that was what drew him in the following day for brunch. We had been cycling for a couple of hours and it was starting to get very hot and an icy beer and margarita were calling.

We were told that they were still serving the breakfast menu, to which I replied "is it all right to have a Margarita for breakfast?" I was assured that this was OK and so we did.

Breakfast of champions
An ice cold Margarita has never tasted so good.  We did also order breakfast, but as it was 11:45 by this time it served as brunch.  I ordered one my favourite Mexican dishes  Huevos Rancheros Two fried eggs, ranchero sauce, papas con chorizo & re fried beans.

This was absolutely delicious and might have been one of my favourite meals of the trip.  The potatoes fried up with chorizo sausage were wonderful and there is something about an over easy egg with a spicy tomato sauce that just elevates the common egg to something spectacular.

My husband ordered Carne Guisada  which they described "Mexican stew" I wondered about this for breakfast, but then he was drinking beer.

This came with 2 eggs which he chose to have scrambled and the same delicious potatoes and re fried beans.  Another good meal and it certainly fortified us after our strenuous morning of cycling.

This was the morning of the San Antonio rock and roll marathon and there were thousands of marathoners in the city.  We had followed the route for a while on our bikes and even watched at the finish line as they came in.

We saw a lot of runners and the temperature had got up in to the mid to high 80's so feeling exhausted from our cycle ride, the heat and watching all the exertian of the marathoners we collapsed beside our pool at the hotel for the rest of the afternoon.

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