Monday, November 28, 2011

Hotel Indigo San Antonio

When looking for a Hotel in a place that you have never been before, it is sometimes hard to figure out the best location.  The convenience of having a hotel close to the action can sometimes be a detriment if the "action" is very noisy.  For instance in Barcelona, I discovered that I was glad we were a little away from Las Rambles as those English tourists could be very noisy partying in to the small hours of the morning.  This turned out to be true in San Antonio also, though our hotel was right on the River walk it was a 15 minute walk up stream from the down town on a very quiet peaceful stretch.

The river walk north of downtown
It was a pleasure to step down the steps from our hotel right on to the walk where it was peaceful and shady due to the abundance of vegetation.  The front of the hotel was not as beautiful, but really after arriving we hardly went out the front again.

The hotel was oriented to the back where there was swimming pool and comfy chairs for sitting outside enjoying the warm weather.

We sat out here most evenings playing quiddler and scrabble and enjoying a glass of wine as did many of the guests staying in the hotel. We met several people who were staying here many of who were also from Canada.

The bedroom was spacious and nicely decorated. Behind the very large comfortable bed there was an enormous mural of river rocks which was rather interesting and apparently a signature of the hotel chain.

The bathroom also seemed to be newly renovated and they had replaced the tub with a large walk in shower.  Though actually I am a bath person rather than a shower person I do not mind so much if it is large and has good water pressure which this one did.

But the best thing about our room was that it had a small bar fridge (good for keeping wine and cream cold) and a Keurig pod coffee maker. This meant that I good have a really good cup of coffee lying in bed in the morning with fresh cream, which really makes my day start off better.

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