Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Alamo and breakfast at Schilo's Delicatessen

The first morning in San Antonio we headed down river on the River walk to the downtown area, this is where the Alamo is, the number one tourist attraction in San Antonio.  As breakfast did not come with our hotel we were also on the look out for somewhere for breakfast.  We wandered for quite a while on the river walk, but it seemed that very few opened for breakfast, and there was not a coffee shop to be found.  After asking at the tourist bureau and turning down their first two suggestions of Denny's or Macdonalds we decided to try their third Schilo's Deli.

This was a couple of blocks from the Alamo and just 1/2 a block up from the river walk. When we walked in we realized this was just the sort of place we were looking for. It appeared to be an old San Antonio institution harking back to it's early German roots.

 Our coffee came quickly served in one of those thick white cups which always remind me of American diners.

My husband ordered a german sausage with scrambled eggs and grits, this was Texas after all.  The sausage was good and the eggs as expected, the grits were bland and unappealing.  But this is not the fault of Schilo's but the fault of grits which I am afraid I find bland and unappealing, I don't really like polenta either, it is something about the texture.

This also came with their home made biscuits which were mentioned by the person at the tourist bureau.

These were generous light and very fresh.  These were served with an apple butter which when added to the grits made them more palatable according to my husband.

I ordered a side of bacon and whole wheat toast, I do not really like a big breakfast and I was saving my self for lunch and dinner.

After Lunch we headed over to the Alamo, this was the place where a massacre of Americans happened in 1836 which became a defining moment in the history of Texas if not America.

The Alamo
 There was a lot of information fairly well presented here, though the admission was free we chose to take the audio guide for $6.00 which was probably worth getting.  The grounds at the back of the old church were cool and shady which I am sure would be a Godsend in the middle of summer which is their busiest tourist time.

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