Wednesday, November 23, 2011

La Villita and Guadalajara Grill

La Villita was in the guide books as an arts village just off the River walk, and sounded interesting so we went to check it out on our first day after visiting the Alamo.  The first thing was to find somewhere for lunch, the Fig Tree looked very interesting and very expensive, so we decided to try the Guadalajara Grill for some Mexican food.

we managed to get a table outside in the shade and the first order of the day was a Margarita my first of the trip.

This came along with some chips and salsa a pleasant way to start any meal.  I ordered pork tacos though that was not exactly what they were called.

The beans, rice and flour tortillas were fine, but the pork appeared to be cold roast pork cut in to cubes, not very tasty or fresh.  My husband ordered the tortilla soup.

This was very tasty and came with chicken, fresh fried tortilla strips, cheese, avocado and sour cream.  He thoroughly enjoyed this and had obviously made a better choice than me.

After lunch we wen to check out La Villita.  There was a fairly large square which on the day that we were there was empty.  But it looked like that at certain times this was where market stalls could be set up.

 We wandered in and out of the galleries my favourite was  The Little Studio Gallery they had some beautiful paintings, several of which if I had the money to spare I would gladly have bought and hung on my walls at home.

This was certainly a pleasant place to wander around and there were quite a few interesting stores, they are trying hard to entice people up off the River walk to come and see what they have to offer.  Right on the edge of La Villita is a small open air theatre with stage on one side of the river and the spectators on the other.

I overheard a tour guide saying that this was used in the filming of Miss Congeniality, though I don't remember it.  We wondered how you would watch a play with the guide boats floating between you and the stage.  Unfortunately there was nothing playing there the weekend that we were in San Antonio or I am sure we would have tried to go see it.

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