Sunday, November 20, 2011

SAMA San Antonio Museum of Art and Cafe des Artistes

Close to the Pearl farmers market was the San Antonio Museum of Art so we decided to go visit and get some culture.  The Museum is housed in an abandoned brewery, of which there seemed to be several in San Antonino and like almost everything else here was on the banks of the River walk.

There were two towers with a glass bridge between them.  The tower on the right of this picture housed an amazing collection of Egyptian, Greek and Roman artifacts not what we had expected at all, but interesting never the less.

View from the glass bridge
There was also a traveling exhibit of jade from China.  This was wonderful with some ancient very beautiful jade pieces.

There was another reason for visiting the museum it was their restaurant Cafe Des Artistes  over looking  the river which had received good reviews.

The day was starting turn hot so a table on the shady patio was looking very appealing.  I ordered the tabbouleh salad with prawns.

The prawns were very fresh and plump and warm, the green salad that it came with had a very good dressing just on the edge of overdressed but not too over done.  The tabbouleh it self was a little disappointing as it was not as flavourful as it could have been and I really like my tabbouleh with more parsley.  But it was a nice light meal on a hot day and a change from re fried beans and flour tortillas which we had been eating a lot of.

My husband ordered the steak pizza.

This was very good, with a thin crispy base a tangy barbecue sauce and medium cooked texas steak.  He thoroughly  enjoyed this and kindly gave me a slice to enjoy too, (I am not sure I gave him a choice)

This was a very pleasant place to have lunch on the Museum reach of the River Walk, and you did not even need to pay to go into the museum, many of the people eating here had just come for lunch and did not visit the gallery at all. After this lunch we walked back to the hotel and spent a relaxing afternoon by the pool enjoying the unseasonably hot weather.

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