Saturday, November 26, 2011

Boudros San Antonio

We wanted to eat one meal sitting right on the river walk enjoying the bustle of all the people and the warm summer like evening.  I did a fair bit of research to find the right place as on our wanderings we had seen quite bit of rather bad looking Mexican food and really did not want sacrifice good food for location.  Boudros had come highly recommended both in a book that we had, as well as on the Internet. So with no reservations and high hopes we headed out.

Boudros by day
It does not have a large waterfront eating area and looked to be very full when we arrived, but we approached the waiter any way. He declared that he had a table for two inside, but when I said that we were willing to wait for one outside and asked how long it would be, miraculously a table for two appeared.  Feeling very lucky we sat down and ordered a glass of wine each.

It was very crowded and the waiter was making guacamole table side  for another table, but he was right next to me so I could see and smell everything.  And it smelt and looked very good.

It turned out that this was the house speciality and we had to order it as well, it was every bit as good as it looked.  After watching twice and asking some questions I pledge to try and replicate this guacamole for my friends back home soon!

For my main course I ordered gulf yellowfin tuna  this was marinated in achiote, roasted poblano butter, and served with  very delicious roasted red skinned potatoes and small lima beans the fish was topped with a citrus tomato fennel chutney

All in all a very delicious dish and well worth the $22.00.  Dave ordered a chicken enchilada which was good but by no means great. I won this time, but he had one at lunch time so we were even.

The waiter had suggested a wine to go with my dish and though I can not remember what it was, he was absolutely correct it paired wonderfully and was not a wine that I would have ordered otherwise.  We were very happy with our choice of river walk restaurant, the food was good, the location was great and our waiter was just the kind of waiter I like, he was helpful, friendly and was there when you needed him.

View from our table
After dinner we walked the loop around the downtown portion of the river walk, enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather and soaked in the ambiance. For the price I am not sure we could have done better.

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