Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fridge soup - Kinda thai

Sunday at Pender Harbour is eating out of the fridge day, it is tradition that all meals have to be made out of what can be found in the house, no food shopping.
Thai vegetable soup and a glass of wine for the first day of Spring

 So this Sunday I surveyed what was in the fridge. This is what I found  bit of cabbage, both red and white, some fennel tops 1/2 onion 3 carrots 3 hot peppers basil, a few sprigs of asparagus a few snow peas and a garlic bulb

Then in the freezer I found chicken stock that I had made on an earlier weekend and some lime leaves.
Not very attractive frozen chicken stock and lime leaves
Next the pantry here there was some fish sauce and ichiban noodles.

Since there was also some Thai green curry paste in the fridge as well I figured it had to be Thai style soup

I cut up the onion, garlic, yellow chili very finely and carrots, added them to a pot with a tablespoon of olive oil and cooked them slowly until they were starting to soften.

Then I poured in the chicken stock bring to a simmer and added the cabbage, (I decided to only use the white cabbage as I was worried that the red cabbage would discolor the soup) I also added 3 lime leaves 1 teaspoon of Thai green curry paste and the chopped up fennel fronds.  I simmered until the cabbage was cooked just a few minutes.

At this point I turned off the heat and went out to prune the hydrangea, after 1/2 hour of hard labour it was time for lunch. So I brought the soup back up to a simmer added 2 tablespoons of fish sauce, the snow peas, asparagus and shredded basil.

Brought it back to a simmer then crumbled in the noodles and cooked until the noodles and the green vegetables were just cooked.

Oh lucky day there was also some cilantro and half a lime

When the soup was ready, we poured a nice crisp cold glass of white wine and served the soup with some roughly chopped cilantro and a slice of lime to squeeze on top.

Finished soup

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